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Savusavu may be a bit remote but it is actually quite easy to buy groceries, fresh vegetables, rent a car, book a flight, find a builder, mechanic, plumber or welder, just about anything! We’ve put together a list of some of the many businesses located in Savusavu to help you while your are in Savusavu. If you know of any that we may have left off of the list, be sure to contact us with the details.

Local Businesses in Savusavu 

  • Captain’s Cafe, located at the Copra Shed Marina, good breakfasts, lunches and pizzas. They also have an espresso machine.
  • Surf n’ Turf, located on the water, opposite the post office. Very good lunches and dinners. Excellent selection of seafood, meats and vegetarian dishes.
  • Decked Out Cafe, a trendy restaurant serving lunch and dinner. Often has live entertainment at night. Nice place to sit and watch the world wonder by.
  • Savusavu Wok, Chinese food served in an air conditioned room. A nice selection of dishes.
  • Country Kitchen, located in the centre of town, a locals restaurant serving generous portions of Fijian and Indian dishes.
  • Daku Resort - Restaurant, good food with a view out to the bay. 
  • Sea View Cafe, excellent Indian cuisine, great curries.
  • Hot Springs Hotel, good food with a great view overlooking the harbour. 
Clubs / Bars
  • Planter’s Club, have a drink of two with the locals in this private club, guests welcome.
  • Copra Shed Marina, on the dock at the Copra Shed Marina
  • Waitui Club at Waitui Marina
  • Uro’s Nightclub, dance the night away but it can get a bit noisy.
  • Snowy House and Grace Road Kitchen, next to Webster Construction, serving very nice Asian, Korean, and local dishes. Very highly recommended!
  • Hot Springs Hotel, they have a nice bar with a great patio overlooking Savusavu, live music on some nights.v
Banks / Cash Machines
  • Westpac Bank
  • BSP Bank 
  • ANZ Bank
Grocery Stores
  • M-H Paradise Supermarket
  • M-H Supermarket
  • Dayrams 
  • Savusavu Wines and Spirits
  • AIG New World
Meat / Butcher Shops
  • Maravu Meats
  • Fiji Meats
  • Copra Shed Marina
  • Waitui Marina
  • Savusavu Marine and Boatyard
Marine Supplies
  • The Yacht Shop
Black Pearls & Jewelery
  • J. Hunter Pearls
Home Appliances / Furniture
  • Courts Home Center
  • M-H Home Center
  • Carpenters
Save on your hotel -
  • Savusavu Pharmacy
Doctor’s Office / Clinic
  • Savusavu Clinic
  • Dr. Ishaque
Hardware Stores / Building Supplies
  • Gulabdas Hardware
  • Savusavu Hardware
  • Home Depot, not like the ones you are used to :)
  • Carpenter’s Hardware
Real Estate Sales
Vegetable / Fish Market
  • Savusavu Town Market
Building Contractors
  • Webster Construction
  • Shah Construction
  • Arun Prasad Construction
  • Sambhu Lal Construction
Welding & Machine Shops
  • Shane Bower Welding
  • Savusavu Marine Village, shop near the entrance
Radio Stations received in Savusavu
  • Legend FM 98.4
  • Viti FM 92.0
  • Radio Sargam 103.2
  • FM96 96.0
  • Navtarang 100.8

Fiji National Holidays 2017

Air Ambulance Services - HELIPRO FIJI
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Medivac - Search & Rescue

HELIPRO FIJI EMERGENCY services Air Ambulance is equipped with medical teams and has Navy rescue divers on stand bye

For EMERGENCY response call HELIPRO on (679) 770 7700 or the HQ. Fiji Navy 331 5380

International MedEvac coordinator Michael Barbieri
PH: +(61) 411428681

Suva office: Kadavu House - Level 2 Victoria Parade Suva P.O. Box 2399 Government Buildings Suva
Satellite P: +881621424170

News and Events

Weekly Happenings Around Savusavu






Calendar of Events

June 23 - The Savusavu Yacht Club host the annual Fiji National Sailing Championships. See our kids compete with Suva sailors on Lasers and Optimists boats. Savusavu has a long tradition of training and promoting the kids of Savusavu

July - Date to be announced, the Annual Savusavu Town Festival. A great time to get out and see old friends while supporting the Savusavu Community.

October 6 - 9  The Squash Association of Savusavu National Tournament. Held at the squash court at the Planter's Club. For details contact Tige Young,

October - November - Date to be announced, Triathlon. Compete or watch and support the athletes in this Endurance Eco Challenge: 1.5k swim, 40k bike, 10k trail run. For more information on this event contact

November 26-29 Koro Sun Music Festival, Enjoy big name and local bands, island fashion shows, dinner and dancing at the Koro Sun Resort. For more information and room rates or entrance fees contact:

News from Savusavu

Northern Air is introducing flight to/from Nadi- Taveuni effective from 31st July 2017.

And Savusavu flights to/from Suva (Monday . Wednesday and Friday) with the 20 seater.

Taveuni Schedule daily except Sundays
Schedule Time
Nadi-Taveuni at 8 am
Taveuni - Nadi at 12 pm

Savusavu Schedule
Suva - Savusavu at 930 am
Savusavu - Suva at 1030 am

For booking/reservations please contact reservations on
Mobile :9958162/ 7732449
Landline: 3475005 or 3475003 and press 1
or Visit their website :

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Miller thrives with weaving business
Filipe Naigulevu - The Fiji Times ONLINE
Thursday, June 15, 2017

ANNA Miller, a local artisan, still does what she loves doing best — weaving — at her old age and has developed a successful means of earning income.

The 75-year-old from Savusavu is a participant at the three-day Fiji National Women's Expo which commenced yesterday at the Vodafone Arena in Suva.

Apart from her warm and bubbly personality, Ms Miller caught the attention of many at the event with her unique handicraft display of cushions made out of pandanus or voivoi.

According to her, this innovative idea was what she embedded into her talent of weaving and is earning a decent income from it.

"I love weaving, and I have been doing this for the past 25 years.

"But there are lots of mats and cushions that's covered in cloth, so I one day thought of making cushion covers out of voivoi," she said.

"I started by making one, but it wasn't too good. I started weaving mats, the traditionally big ones but now I am smart in doing this one.

"I supply to some hotels and most of them buy my cushions."

Ms Miller said she had started to get a few clients and orders for her unique cushions, some of which were gained just at the first day of the Fiji National Women's Expo yesterday.

Apart from cushions, Ms Miller also weaves lamp shades, baskets and traditional mats which she says had become a thriving business for her.

But don't be fooled by her old age and frail looks, the proud Savusavu artisan is still going strong with other daily activities such as fishing.

"I'm a fisher lady and I go fishing a lot but my talent is weaving," she said.

Ms Miller also hopes to gain more orders and connections to markets from the Fiji National Women's Expo which will end tomorrow.

Couple's duty of care
Luke Rawalai - The Fiji Times ONLINE
Sunday, June 04, 2017

WITHOUT any form of assistance or sponsorship Neomai and Joeli Uluilakeba opened the doors of their home to about 40 youths who they look after.

Apart from her nine children, Vaturova native Neomai has taken it as her motherly role to look after the youths from her village who have nowhere else to stay.

Mrs Uluilakeba said the youths always visited her and her husband in Savusavu.

And many of them had chosen to stay back, refusing to return to the village," she said.

"In an effort to put food in the mouths of these youths my husband and I have started income generating projects using the talents that these youths have.

"Many of them sing so we have formed a small band known as the Breakers Band and because a few of our boys have rugby talents we have Breakers 7s rugby too which has been performing well in tournaments around the North.

"We all stay in our humble residence in Savusavu which houses my family and the youths."

Ms Uluilakeba said their Breakers Band was fortunate to be led by famous composer Lepani Tagicakibau who had volunteered to provide guidance for the youths.

"Hearing of our plight a kind American couple had bought one acre of land for us which is being farmed by the youths," she said.

"We are proud and grateful for the good Samaritans that we have met along the way.

"For as long as we live our home will be open to youths who have nowhere to turn to because we believe that they hold the keys to the future they just need guidance."

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Protecting our Fijian pearls
Luke Rawalai - The Fiji Times ONLINE
Thursday, May 25, 2017

THE pearl industry is just a thin wedge of more things to come in terms of farming Fiji's seas.

In a world market where pearls are becoming overcommercialised, losing their true value by being easily accessible in every jewellery shop one steps into, pearl producers are striving to preserve the authenticity of the gem.

Since stamping their mark in the industry 18 years ago, J Hunter Pearls Fiji has become a brand that is portraying Fiji, its people and diverse cultures in the global front.

The company's owner and proud kai Savusavu, Justin Hunter, says protecting the authenticity of the Fijian pearls was something that had led them to develop few strategic partners around the world who had the exclusivity to sell the gems.

Authentic pearls

"J hunter Pearls Fiji does not just sell pearls to anyone and we never had, we have never done it in Fiji neither have we done it internationally," said Mr Hunter.

"We could sell it to anyone but we don't because we want to create relationships where people know our product and they know what our product represents to our people and our country.

"There is a need for people to know the story behind the production of these pearls, those involved and the fact that it comes from some of the most beautiful exotic places in the world," he said.

In order to achieve this, Mr Hunter said it was therefore important to develop strategic partners.

"This is one of the reasons that we had our international buyers recently in Savusavu to learn of the story that is part of the pearls," he said.

"We want people to know the story of the families, communities and people that are part of our production lines and what the pearls mean to them.

"Most importantly we want people to know about Fiji and everything that is Fijian."

Colours of Fiji

A feature of the J Hunter Pearls Fiji product that makes it peculiar is its vivid colours which have been drawing buyers and interest particularly in Northern Europe.

The company's office manager Odette Hazelman said pearls were graded from gem, which is the highest grade, to D which is the lowest grade.

Ms Hazelman said some of their most sought after colours included cranberries, chocolate, Fiji gold, pistachio aqua blues and greens, any of those colours that are vivid are known as Fiji colours.

"What we produce are different and natural and has been stamping its mark in the international market," she said.

"Eighty five per cent of our pearls we produce go to our exclusive dealers in Europe while 15 per cent remain back here for our local markets.

"We do not want a mass produce market like Tahiti but we want to keep ours in small volume."

Pearl farming as a reward for conservation

Mr Hunter said a lot had been said and done about the conservation of marine resources, adding that local people were not given a substitute to turn to for their livelihood.

"I would like to see the pearl industry grow, and we would gladly help if it is community- owned but I am willing to help those that do their bit," he said.

"Maybe one of these days the pearls would become recognised and maybe it would become the face of conservation based on limited production and relationship with nature because that is the way we deal with our customers.

"The difference between a commodity and a brand is learning to say 'No' and when you start to say no you begin to draw that attention towards the brand, Fiji which has such a name and image that we have to think of.

"We don't just use the name but create industries that represent sustainability and also environmental and social responsibility where we give fair returns to our people."

Tahiti as an opponent in the region

Tahiti as a mega producer of pearls poses no threat for the pearl industry in Fiji says Mr Hunter.

"This year they got a major downturn in production but Tahiti always had higher stocks then Fiji producing 18 tonnes of pearl a year while Fiji struggles to produce even 100 kilograms," he said.

"The Tahitians were given so much help and they produced so much but they never had to pay the price for their industry and they are not being very smart because they continue to produce too much for the market.

"We better be careful that our industry does not become a handout mentality."

Mr Hunter said for instance Australia produced a fraction of what Tahiti does but its pearls were valued at $100 million because it had a better quality over quantity.

"In the market it is rarity, exclusivity and beauty over mass production," he said.

"Tahiti currently produces 18 tonnes of pearl a year but their export value had dropped under $US100m ($F207m)."

The future

Mr Hunter will be attending the Couture Show in Las Vegas next week where the J Hunter Pearls Fiji would be displayed.

"I will be speaking at another similar show in Paris come June but I would like to ensure that our customers in Europe are taken care of," he said.

"We have markets in France, New York, Paris, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Switzerland and Norway.

"However these markets are managed by strategic partners who we continue to work with."

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Hunter Not Happy With Proposed Savusavu Jetty Expansion
by JOSAIA RALAGO - Fiji Sun online
May 24, 2017

The proposed plan to expand the Savusavu Jetty would be disastrous for the town’s tourism industry, says the Savusavu Tourism Association president Justin Hunter.

“We plead with our Government to understand and recognise that commercial shipping and tourism do not mix, and the demand for commercial shipping is in fact driven by visitor arrivals,” Mr Hunter said.

“In this case we hope people understand the need to keep our town green and visitor friendly.”

He said that this planned expansion would affect the set-up of the natural environment which was a major boost for their tourism economy.

“The expansion of Savusavu Jetty for commercial purposes in the middle of our scenic town would be a disaster for our tourism industry and greater community.”

He said those concerned must consider the long term implications and economic impact such a rash decision would have on the number one earner of foreign currency and jobs.

Meanwhile, the Fiji Roads Authority chief executive officer John Hutchinson said the provision of an additional ramp for Roll On Roll Off (RORO) ferries through the planned expansion was under review following objections from recent stakeholders consultation.

“We anticipate that this would further increase economic and tourism activity in Savusavu and for Vanua Levu,” he said.

“However the FRA has received significant objections to the proposed upgrade from the Savusavu Town Council and a number of private property owners in the vicinity of the Jetty.”

These objections he said were focused on the expanded jetty; increased congestion through the township, in particular heavy vehicle movement; and concerns over the availability of parking near the jetty.

“The FRA needs to work through these objections and engage with all stakeholders to ensure the best possible outcomes.”

Mr Hutchinson said they had advertised the tender for the Detailed Design and Construction of Savusavu Jetty. They hope to start works later in the year.

Northern Europe pearl buyers visit Savusavu
Tuesday, May 23, 2017
Update: 6:36PM

A GROUP of pearl buyers from Northern Europe recently gathered in Savusavu on Vanua Levu to experience the story behind the production of the world renowned J Hunter Pearl Fiji's pearl products.

The group was hosted by the company owner, Justin Hunter, in Savusavu.

In an interview, Mr Hunter said international recognition of the pearl brand would not only benefit the company but other pearl producers and the tourism industry as a whole.

He said pearls produced in Savusavu were sold to selected partners in the Northern European market.

Maya Sulger Gold & Platin AG representatives from Switzerland Manuela Jharstorfer and Andreas Hoerschelman said something that made the company's products different from the rest of the pearls sold internationally was the colours of the pearls.

"As jewellers, we know the Fiji colours which are peculiar and stands out from the rest of the pearls, even the Tahitian ones because you can tell them apart," Mr Jharstorfer said.

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Vuadomo Villagers To Benefit From New Water Plan
by Water Authority of Fiji - Fiji SunOnline
May 17, 2017

Ninety-seven villagers of Vuadomo, outside Savusavu Town, in Vanua Levu will soon benefit from their rural water project that started on Monday.

The $145,421 project has been outsourced by the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) to Ariyan’s Contractors. It will take 12 weeks to complete the construction of a new dam, a new 45,460 litre tank, the laying of new mains, and the installation of air valves, standpipes and showers.

WAF chief executive officer Opetaia Ravai said the outsourcing model they were implementing empowers the community by paying the water committee for the village support required to undertake the works.

“This empowers the water committee to be responsible for ongoing maintenance and repairs, thus ensuring the longevity and sustainability of their village water supply system.

“Further, it builds the local capacity of contractors to undertake water supply construction work. For this project, the village water committee will receive $3125 as payment for the village assistance provided,” Mr Ravai said.

Vuadomo Water Committee chair Lemeki Matabogi, 57, said: “I am thankful that the water will be coming soon as this will boost our well-being and I am really thankful for this help from the Government through the Water Authority of Fiji.

A survey by WAF officials determined that the existing scheme, installed in the early 80s, was deteriorating and needed a full upgrade.

This, combined with intermittent dry spells and Vuadomo’s growing population, has meant that the water supply has not been sufficient to meet the demand.

“Once this project is completed, we will no longer have to rely on the creek. The current source of water we normally rely on is downstream and during the dry periods we have no water, but is a blessing if it rains,” Mr Matabogi said.

Verenica Serea, 46, said: “I have been living in Vuadomo Village for the past 29 years and we have been depending on rain water and water carting, especially when the system fails or the source dries up. This new water project will help us in our daily activities, especially for the women when we conduct our washing and daily chores.”

Mr Ravai said WAF would continue to implement works that ensure Fijians have access to safe drinking water and proper sanitation.

Source: Water Authority of Fiji


© 2017 Sun (Fiji) News Limited.. All Rights reserved.

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Cheap Fares Now A Concern To Grace Shipping
by MAIKA BOLATIKI - Fiji SunOnline
May 17, 2017

The cheap fare from Taveuni to Natuvu is now a concern to Grace Shipping & Landlords.

Speaking to the Fiji Sun managing director and boat captain Sonia Thakur said that back in the 80’s her father started his bus service to cater for passengers from Taveuni to Natuvu jetty and then to Savusavu and Labasa. “The fares were $18 for adults and $15 for students,” she said.

According to Captain Thakur her dad started with a mini bus but now big buses are used with only $15 fare.

She said their fares were Taveuni jetty to Natuvu – $15, Taveuni to Savusavu – $25 (with direct bus) and Taveuni to Labasa – $35 (with direct bus).

According to Captain Thakur the fares were as low as $3 to $5.

“So where will our vessel the Taveuni Princess go? We can’t be catering for free or paying from my pocket,” she said.

Currently the route is serviced by Goundar Shipping Limited (GCL) vessel the Lomaiviti Princess IV and Suncity.

She suspects the two companies are trying to shut them down.

Managing director GCL George Goundar when asked to comment said – “What is the issue if she is complaining, please check January 11/2017 shipping news (Grace Shipping ready for Competition) Goundar Shipping is trying to improve shipping service. We do not believe in competition only but improving people day to day travel experience and service. We listen to our customer and try our best to provide a better service.”

The owner of Suncity from Valesea Village near Natuvu could not be reached for a comment.

Captain Thakur admitted that the owners of the two companies were rich and it was hard for her company to compete with them.

According to Capt Thakur her dad is one of the pioneers who started this route and bus, did not expect this and through his 55 years of service this was the first time he found this type businessman.

© 2017 Sun (Fiji) News Limited.. All Rights reserved.

More private sector investment
Filipe Naigulevu - The Fiji Times ONLINE
Saturday, May 13, 2017

GOVERNMENT will continue to encourage investment in what we generally call economically-depressed areas, says Attorney-General and Minister for Economy Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

These areas, he said, included Vanua Levu and the north west of Viti Levu, Lomaiviti, Kadavu, Lau and Yasawa, which had been declared as economic zones.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum raised this while responding to a question during the 2017-2018 National Budget consultations at the Fiji National University Samabula campus yesterday.

A FNU student had asked on Government's initiatives to decentralise services to other semi-urban areas and small town areas.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said Government was carrying out several projects and introducing incentives to attract private sector investment in these "economically depressed" zones.

He highlighted one Government project which would allow Vanua Levu to be connected to the Southern Cross cable, a trans-Pacific network of underground telecommunications cables that connects Australia to the West Coast of North America.

"That submarine cable carries data and telephone capacity lands here in Vatuwaqa, Fiji," he said.

"A lot of the Pacific Island countries that actually want to connect to the Southern Cross cable have to come to Fiji.

"So Samoa is actually building a cable to connect to the cable in Vatuwaqa and that cable will come between Taveuni and Vanua Levu, including the Savusavu side."

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said they saw an opportunity in this to build a pipe out of that cable to land in Savusavu.

"We saw an opportunity so we borrowed about $US6 million ($F12m) from the World Bank to build a pipe out of that cable to land in Savusavu," he said.

"The moment that happens, Vanua Levu gets high speed internet.

"What that means is that we can tell businesses, you can actually set up call centres there.

"That's how we encourage people to go into those areas."

This, Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said, was what Government did to provide those kind of opportunities in infrastructure to attract private sector investment.

"The reason we have done that is that is obviously we want more businesses, factories, manufacturing plants and other facilities in that area," he said.

Consultations were held at the FNU campus at Samabula yesterday.

Free emergency travel
Siteri Sauvakacolo - The Fiji Times ONLINE
Wednesday, May 10, 2017

DIFFICULTIES in transporting emergency cases from Taveuni to Labasa and Savusavu is now a thing of the past thanks to the free emergency transport service provided by Goundar Shipping Services.

As part of its corporate social responsibility, the company has been providing free emergency services for the people of Taveuni for the past three months,

Managing director George Goundar said this service was provided 24 hours and had been of great assistance to them, particularly those who needed urgent medical assistance.

"People face hardships when they want to transport the sick across to either Labasa or Savusavu especially at night so Lomaiviti Princess IV takes them across to Natuvu where they are then transported to the two main hospitals on Vanua Levu," Mr Goundar said yesterday.

"Whenever there is an emergency case, health staff members will just phone the boat master directly and he would make sure the boat is ready to take sick patients across.

"It is not about money, people are part of my business and this is a way of giving back to them and to tell them that they can depend on Goundar Shipping and we can assist them any time.

"People sometimes see the negative part of Goundar Shipping but this is what we do apart from our normal service."

Mr Goundar said the company had also received letters of appreciation from the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, as well as the Taveuni Medical Subdivision for its assistance and service to the people of Taveuni.

Special Announcement from Surf 'n' Turf Restaurant
May 09, 2017

Starting this Sunday, May 14, which is Mother’s Day, Chef Vijen will now be open on Sundays for lunch and dinner. Lunch will be regular menu, but dinner will be a special 3-course dinner featuring your choice of roast pork or fresh fish, with a special starter and dessert for $35.

Plus, starting Thursday evening, May 18, Surf ‘n Turf will be featuring a fabulous sizzling seafood feast, all grilled fresh at your table. The Thursday seafood all-inclusive dinner includes:

· rock lobster
· king prawns
· soy, chili, and lime basted fish filet
· flipper lobster, and
· crab in sweet chili sauce

The Thursday dinner will also include soup, Caesar salad, jacket potato, garlic bread, and for dessert: banana flambe’ with rum raisin ice cream!
The cost is $70 per person.

Pre-booking is required by calling 885-3033.

Because Chef Vijen will now be open for lunch and dinner on Sunday, he will be closed after lunch service on Mondays and closed all day on Tuesdays.

Hope to see you at Surf ‘n Turf.

FRA to start work on proposed jetties
Luisa Qiolevu - The Fiji Times ONLINE
Sunday, May 07, 2017

THE Fiji Roads Authority is working on upgrading of the Savusavu Jetty after their layout plans and preliminary drawings were completed.

The upgrading works on the Savusavu Jetty is part of FRA's capital projects in the Northern Division this year.

This was confirmed by Fiji Roads Authority chief executive officer John Hutchinson yesterday.

"The existing Savusavu jetty will be upgraded in capacity to accommodate two roll-on roll-off (RORO) vessels at the same time," he said.

Mr Hutchinson said the project had been tendered out as a design and build contract.

"The preliminary drawings and layout plans of the proposed jetty are now complete and the construction work will commence later this year," he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Hutchinson also confirmed a short interim repair solution had been completed for the Nabouwalu Jetty.

"The repair solutions for the Nabouwalu Jetty will involve upgrading of the existing concrete landing ramp to safely accommodate roll-on roll-off vessels," he said.

"The second phase of the construction works is to replace the existing jetty head with new roll-on roll-off ramp."

The upgrading works on the Nabouwalu Jetty is scheduled for later this year.

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Cruise Ships Continue To Boost Our Economy
by JOSAIA RALAGO LABASA - Fiji Sun online
May 07

Five more cruise ships are expected to visit Savusavu Harbour for this year.

And these arrivals are expected to boost the economy of the Hidden Paradise town as it has done over the years.

“These cruise ships certainly provide a significant boost to our local economy and people. They are a direct source of foreign exchange for the people of Savusavu,” the Savusavu Tourism Association and Chamber of Commerce President Justin Hunter said.

“The sheer numbers of visitors provides a huge economic stimulus for our local vendors, retailers and tour guides and a significant boost to our transport sector who take many visitors on scenic trips around the greater Savusavu area.”

He said that they continued to try and attract more cruise ships to visit their town because of the economic benefits it entailed.

Alisi Ralava, a handicraft seller who has benefitted from these arrivals said this was a major income earner for her who came out to sell their products during these visits.

“Business is good and having to sell to the tourists is something we always look forward to,” Ms Ralava said.

“We are able to rake in a respectable amount from the arrivals of these cruise ships and that is why we make a point to set up our tents during these times.

“We recently had two ships over and we look forward to some more during the year.”

The first two arrive was the Paul Gauguin on April 26th followed by the Golden Princess on April 29th.

Mr Hunter said: “We appreciate any and all visitors who come and support our people and community.”


Opening Soon in Savusavu

June Opening For $2m North Complex
by SHRATIKA NAIDU Labasa - Fiji SunOnline
May 01, 2017

A $2 million Samad Family shopping complex located in the heart of Savusavu Town will have its official opening in June.

It is an extension to the existing building which facilities the Bank South (BSP) Bank.

The owners are Irshad Samad and Ansari Samad, sons of the late Haji Abdul Samad, former Morris Hedstrom (MH) manager of Savusavu branch.

Irshad Samad said the bottom floor would have seven outlets while the first floor would have six outlets.

He said: “This week Value City has opened its clothing business in our complex and slowly other businesses such as money exchange, jewellery shop, beauty salon, food court, furniture shop, mobile phone outlet, optometrist and photoshop would open.”

“The double-storey complex in L-shape is equipped with safety features of 13.8mm glass which is a requirement for cyclone resistance.”

Mr Samad revealed that there was a delay in the full opening of the mall because they are waiting for Fiji Electricity Authority work to be done.

“This complex would create more than 50 job opportunities,” he said.

“Moreover, it will add a different value to the town of Hidden Paradise and bring lot of opportunities to the people of Cakaudrove in terms of shopping and relaxation.”

© 2017 Sun (Fiji) News Limited.. All Rights reserved.

Tourists enjoy Hidden Paradise
Saturday, April 29, 2017

Update: 4:27PM SAVUSAVU was abuzz today as about 500 tourists arrived on her shores, providing many locals the opportunity to earn an income.

Stalls lined the streets of the town towards Copra Shed as women displayed elegant jewelry for the tourists.

A group of villagers from Vuadomo were in town to transport tourists to their well known water fall site.

Villager Sakiusa Cama said tourist's visit have made a difference in their village because income earned had helped them improve their livelihoods.

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'Pride' in new outlet
Luke Rawalai - The Fiji times ONLINE
Saturday, April 29, 2017

VALUE City SP Ltd opened is 13th outlet in Savusavu on Wednesday this week.

A statement from the company's managing director Vera Chute said they had pride in their latest outlet adding it would give members of the public in Savusavu easy access to quality affordable clothing.

Ms Chute said the company was looking at expanding within Fiji to serve their customers in remote areas.

"We are continually looking at expansion within Fiji," she said.

"So, yes there should confirmation and an announcement on more new outlets in the next few months.

"We are currently in the process of setting up our branch in Tavua and the opening date will be announced soon."

Ms Chute said their new outlet was easily accessible to the public as it was located upstairs of the Bank South Pacific.

"We are pleased to have the opportunity to provide the residents of Savusavu and surrounding areas with affordable quality clothing and related products," she said.

"We strive to bring our customers the best, we also pride ourselves with our shop presentation and friendly helpful staff.

"The feedback from our Savusavu patrons has been very positive, which is encouraging."

Ms Chute said they were also looking forward to opening new outlets in areas such as Taveuni and Levuka in the near future.

Savusavu Chamber of Commerce president Justin Hunter officially opened the new outlet in Savusavu.

Airport plan for Labasa
Kalesi Mele - The Fiji Times Online
Monday, April 24, 2017

PLANS are afoot to have an international airport in Labasa.

This was revealed by Airports Fiji Limited communications officer Christopher Chand during the Nadi Chamber of Commerce and Industry business forum at Tanoa Skylodge Hotel on Saturday.

He said there had been issues in trying to extend the runways in both the Savusavu and Labasa airports, hence the new development.

"For Savusavu and Labasa, the runway can't be extended any further because of the surroundings there and the landscapes," he said.

"So AFL is working closely with Fiji Airways and Fiji Link to find a suitable land in Vanua Levu that would be suitable for the new airport in the Northern Division."

He added the concept of having the international airport was currently in its initial stages.

"It's currently in its initial stages they are looking for land.

"Once they figure out where they can build a suitable airport they can cater for the needs of the tourism industry in Savusavu and the rest of the Northern Division."

At the moment, Fiji Link ATR42 aircraft cannot land at the Labasa and Savusavu airstrips.

AMA north office a boost for agriculture
Luisa Qiolevu - The Fiji Times Online
Friday, April 21, 2017

FARMERS in the Northern Division can now increase their productivity, income levels and livelihood after the opening of the new Agro-Marketing Authority (AMA) office in Savusavu yesterday.

Officiating at the opening of the new office, Assistant Minister for Agriculture Viam Pillay told farmers that plans were also progressing for the opening of another new AMA office in Dama, Bua, soon.

Mr Pillay said these were milestone developments which signified growth and progress of AMA, which was established by Government specifically to facilitate the purchase and sale of agro-produce for rural communities.

"I have been told that the Savusavu office will be the primary AMA collection centre for the whole of Vanua Levu operations," he said.

He said the office would bring a sense of permanence to the AMA in Savusavu and be the catalyst to encourage farmers and fishermen in the North to increase production and raise their income and livelihood.

"Please allow me to acknowledge the presence today of farmers and fishermen who supply produce to the AMA," he said.

"Let me state that having an established office alone may not suffice to enhancing income levels of our rural farmers and fishermen and meet our ever-increasing local and export market demands.

"The key is to maintain a consistent supply of high-quality agriculture and fisheries products."


soft coral on rainbow reef - fiji times online image

Marine reserves
Luke Rawalai - The Fiji Times ONLINE
Wednesday, April 12, 2017

THE Ministry of Fisheries will soon gazette the Rainbow Reef in Taveuni and the Waivunia marine reserve in Cakaudrove for conservation purposes.

Known as the "Soft Coral Capital of the World", northern divisional fisheries officer Joji Vakawaletabua said work on gazetting Rainbow Reef began two weeks ago.

Mr Vakawaletabua said their survey team carried out earlier surveys on the reef and were progressing with another survey before finalising the gazetting of the world renowned dive site.

"The other project is the Waivunia marine reserve which is earmarked to be gazetted soon," he said.

"Currently the only gazetted marine area in Fiji is the Naiqoro Passage in Kadavu and the two identified would add to marine areas gazetted for conservation purposes.

"If the two reserves are successfully gazetted they would help us contribute to our plans to at least conserve 30 per cent of waters in Vanua Levu."

Mr Vakawaletabua said the communities identified the areas to be protected and the Government worked in gazetting the areas as official conservation sites.

"The community initiates the area's management plans," he said.

"It is a good idea because it benefits the community a lot and at the same time revives their marine ecosystem.

"The two sites will greatly benefit the tourism sites in the Cakaudrove province."

Manasa Kalouniviti - The Fiji Times ONLINE
Wednesday, April 12, 2017

OUR goal is to have the strongest broadcast signals across Fiji and we are very close to achieving our objective, says Communications Fiji Ltd's (CFL) Ian Jackson.

The general manager of the South Pacific's largest commercial radio broadcaster made the comment in a South Pacific Stock Exchange (SPSE) market announcement issued yesterday wherein the company confirmed it was doubling the transmission power of all of its five radio stations (Viti FM, FM96, Navtarang, Sargam and Legend FM) in the Northern Division.

CFL said they transmitted from two sites in the North with the Tabia transmission site covering the northern section of Vanua Levu from Nabouwalu to Udu Point with the site at Urata covering the southern coast, which includes Bua, the Savusavu area, and the Cakaudrove coast through to Taveuni and out to the Lomaiviti Group.

"Listeners in the North have been aware for some time that CFL stations provide the strongest, and in many cases the only, broadcast signals in this market," Mr Jackson said.

"But the nature of FM transmission means that there will always be weak spots. With the upgrades, listeners in areas around Labasa, along the north western and southern coasts of Vanua Levu and Taveuni will notice a significant difference."

CFL has invested more than $500,000 on the upgrade of its transmission network.

"We recognise that a lot of investment is taking place in the Northern Division and we wanted to respond by providing our listeners across Vanua Levu with the best possible service," Mr Jackson said.

The company said it had invested a similar amount on transmission upgrade work in 2016 after Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston.

Placeholder Picture

Calling all sailors! The Savusavu Yacht Club is kicking off its first annual Merlin match racing regatta on April 14th and 15th. It will consist of a series of elimination races on our two Merlins leading to the finals on Saturday on the 15th. The eliminations will begin on Friday the 14th. For those of you who are Club members and are interested in racing please call Steve Micskey (940-8616) to be put on the participants list. We ask for a $20 donation per boat to support the Juniors Sailing Program.

For you Yacht Club members who would rather watch than participate we are planning to have the start and the finish of the races in front of the Yacht Club. You can enjoy your favorite drinks and watch Savusavu’s finest sailors exhibit their talents.

Race details to follow.

Box 262 Savusavu FIJI.
PH: 679 8850685


The yachting season has started with the first overseas arrival for 2017.Welcome the Catamaran “Matau” with Captain Marcus Hill and crew. With the season upon us the Club will be ramping up its sailing and social activities.

All members are welcome to come along and enjoy our weekly nights:

Monday - Movies on the lawn. 
Wednesday - Movies on the lawn.
Friday - Live Super Rugby.
Saturday - Junior sailing and rugby.
Sunday - The band and B.B.Q. on the lawn.

Shortly you will be advised by email on your membership status and when your subs are due.

Don’t forget your membership entitles you to the bar facilities and meals on the club verandah and grass free of surcharge. Use of the Merlin yachts and soon to come four man paddling canoes with staff supervision. Movies and live sports on the Television. Your children’s participation in the Junior Sailing program. We value your membership and aim to continue with our high standards of behavior and dress.

We have added low alcohol and low carb beers to the bar for those of you watching your weight try Mac Vicious and Hahn Super dry and for the ladies Bottles of Churchill’s Chardonnay.

Copra Shed Yacht Club in Savusavu Fiji

We have a great group of junior sailors under the supervision of Naomi Waqalevu and Vili Ratulu. Juniors are welcome every Saturday at 9.00am.Naomi, Vili and Scott competed in the Oceanbridge Laser regatta in Auckland recently and Vili is off to Vanuatu to compete in the Emerging Nations program. We are aiming to have Naomi, Vili and Amanu Simpson competing in the World Youth Sailing Championships

in Lasers in China later in the year. This is their pathway to the 2020 Olympics qualification in Japan. Scott Bennett is off to Nadi to skipper a charter yacht, well done and good luck. Keep up your sailing at Vuda.

Savusavu Yacht Club will be hosting the Fiji National Sailing Championships for Lasers and Optimists on the 23rd June 2017 so please come along and meet the Suva sailors and support our kids.

We will notify you shortly of the upcoming A.G.M. and prize giving night for the sailors. Only Full members have voting rights. Thanks for your support and we look forward to seeing all the members at the Club.

Geoff Taylor. Commodore.

Placeholder Picture

Fiji Sun
Avis Extend Services To Savusavu
March 23, 2017

Avis, one of Fiji’s leading car rental companies serving both the leisure and business travellers, has now extended its services to Savusavu, Vanua Levu.

Recognising the growing market in Savusavu, Avis appointed Travel Industry veteran Edward Bower of Trip N Tour at the Copra Shed as agent.

Avis will now keep vehicles in Savusavu so anyone wanting a car can have immediate access.

Previously Savusavu was serviced from Labasa.

Savusavu Tourism Association executive committee member Delia Rothnie-Jones said with the growing tourism sector this partnership would foster a healthy relationship with the tourist resorts and Avis premium brand.

“As a further indication of their commitment to the market in Savusavu, they have joined the Savusavu Tourism Association,” Ms Rothnie-Jones said.

“We’re eager to build our membership as we try to establish as wide a possible engagement of all stakeholders in the industry, and Avis will be a valuable new member.”

Avis Fiji manager Evelyn Farouk said with locations on Viti Levu and Vanua Levu it has been operating in Fiji for nearly 40 years.

“With Nadi International Airport operating a 24 hours service, Avis is conveniently located close for your holiday or business needs,” Ms Farouk said.

“We carry the latest model Toyotas on our fleet to ensure our customers receive the highest quality vehicle available along with superior Avis customer service.”


Grace Shipping Taveuni Princess

Fiji Sun
Grace Shipping Boosts Services
by Maika Bolatiki, SUVA
March 15, 2017

Grace Prasad Shipping & Landlords new vessel, “The Return of Taveuni Princess II” is back on the Taveuni and Natuvu route.

The company chief executive officer (CEO) Captain Sonia Lata who also captains the new vessel said they had started their operation after a two week break.

“We took a break after the Lomaiviti Princess IV owned by Goundar Shipping Limited offered free trips for passengers using the route,” she said.

“I cannot afford to offer free trips.”

Now she said they had started not only with their new vessel but also with a new direct express bus to and from Natuvu (Buca Bay) Savusavu and Labasa.

She said the advantage they had on Goundar Shipping Limited was that their departure time never changed but for the Lomaiviti Princess IV to had to wait for all the vehicles to arrive before departure.

Because the departure never changed, the passengers from Taveuni to Labasa arrived at the Babasiga Town at 1.30pm.

Captain Lata said for the company, their service to the passengers was vital.

Everyday their vessel leaves Taveuni’s ‘Korean Wharf’ at 8am (boarding at 7.30am) and arrives at Natuvu on Vanua Levu at 9am. It returns to Taveuni at 9.30am. Express buses leave Labasa (bus/ferry ticket $35) at 4.30am and Savusavu (bus/ferry ticket $25) at 7am and arrive at Natuvu with plenty of time before the ferry departs.

To purchase tickets in Savusavu, buy tickets at Ravin’s (hole in the wall restaurant on the main drag); in Labasa, get them at the Gifts & Fashion shop on Nasekula Rd.

© 2017 Sun (Fiji) News Limited.. All Rights reserved.

Kids Sailing class Savusavu

Fiji Sun
Club conducts sailing classes
March 14, 2017

The Savusavu Junior Sailing Club is continuously conducting sailing classes every Saturday. The club confirmed to SUNsports yesterday that they have been accommodating 20 sailors every week.

Savusavu Junior Sailing Club manager and coach, Geoff Taylor said the club sails Lasers and Optimist dinghies along with a number of Savusavu sailors have represented Fiji to the Pacific and Olympic Games as well.

“I have been coaching close to 30 years with the aim to bring up more sailors. The club has the best facilities in Fiji and also provides the best training. The junior sailors are locals and the classes are from 9.30am to 3pm.”

Taylor said one of our finest sailors, Viliame Ratulu, a Year 12 student, is preparing for a sailing competition which will be held in Vanuatu during the long Easter weekend.

“We have been sending our sailors for overseas competition and for this we always raise funds.

“We are thankful to the people of Savusavu and business communities for their support. We hope more people would come forward to assist these sailors live their dream.”

The Savusavu Yacht Club was inaugurated in 1990 and has won the majority of national sailing championships since its inception.

Edited by Leone Cabenatabua


© 2017 Sun (Fiji) News Limited.. All Rights reserved.

Shopfitting Fiji

Fiji Sun
Shopfitting (Fiji) Invests In Two More Outlets Worth Over $200K
by Waisea Nasokia, NADI
March 12, 2017
The ever-growing climate of high-end construction industries in the countries has prompted Shopfitting (Fiji) Limited to open two more outlets.

The cabinet maker’s hardware will invest over $200,000 with outlets in Savusavu, and Sigatoka.

Managing Director Rakesh Chand said: “In Savusavu we are looking at opening in three months’ time and after that we are looking at six months’ time to open in Sigatoka,” Mr Chand said.

“Just for the fit out of the shop we are looking at $100,000 for each shop and then on top of that will be the stock. Fijian economy is definitely growing as the Governor of the Reserve Bank announce last week so that’s what we are doing.

“Savusavu is really growing there are a lot of construction industries, hotels, also a lot of commercial building. Savusavu is another best attraction for the tourists in Fiji that is why we are investing there.

“Our company is more commercial and residential hardware. The same can be said about Sigatoka because the coral coast has a lot of hotels and tourist attractions.”

Metabo products

Shopfitting (Fiji) Limited will bring in the latest technology and efficient machines for their local contractors that will last long and make their work easier.
“Metabo is a German product and the very latest technology in Fiji and we are very proud to associate with them.”
Metabo Products Queensland export sales manager Nick Stewart said:“We only make tools to suit the industrial market in the engineering and construction.”
He said over 80 per cent of their products are made in Germany.

“We are really excited about being in Fiji and to launch our partnership with Shopfitting’s. We’ve been looking for partnership for a while and we are happy for that,” said Mr Stewart.

“We do quite a lot of business in Papua New Guinea and now in Fiji we’re looking into expanding it into other pacific market.”
Metabo export office is based in Queensland, Australia with their head office in Melbourne.

About Shopfitting (Fiji) Limited
The company was founded in 1998 by Mr Chand.
The company initially started off with two staff but now they have 47 staff with branches:Nadi, Lautoka and Suva.

© 2017 Sun (Fiji) News Limited.. All Rights reserved.

Gene Calvert and Fiji Kids cleaning up beach

Clean-up at famous picnic spot
Luke Rawalai
Tuesday, March 14, 2017
Fiji Times Online

Rotary Club beach clean up first load of garbage. Picture 
PEOPLE living at Waivunia in Savusavu took time off their busy schedule to organise a clean-up at Devodara beach over the weekend.

Famous for being a picnic and drinking spot, the exercise was conducted by the Rotary Club in Savusavu in conjunction with the Fiji National
Clean-up Campaign to foster the idea of having clean environment among people in the area.

Organiser Gene Calvert said the team was able to enlist the support of the Savusavu Town Council which sent a truck to transport the 15 bags of
rubbish to the dump for them.

Mr Calvert said they were also able to recycle more than 500 beer bottles during the drive.

"Eight enthusiastic kids from nearby Waivunia Village helped alongside members of our club and other neighbours," he said.

"We all had a good time and brought awareness through education and participation that rubbish, especially plastic, batteries, and styrofoam is
poisonous to our environment, our precious resources of drinking water and ocean.

"These days, with so much plastic floating around, when we eat fish we are eating toxic plastic which the fish have absorbed into their bodies."
Mr Calvert said the beach looked much nicer now.

"The good news is that the oceans and sea life will recover to their natural vibrant health," he said.
"But first we need to stop inputting the toxins into the environment.

"We will be having more cleanup events in the future and members of the public are more than welcome to be part of our drive."

Northern Air

Fiji Sun
Northern Air Plans Savusavu Flight Daily
by Shratika Naidu, LABASA
March 10, 2017

Domestic airline, Northern Air, will soon be making daily flights to Savusavu, a change from the usual twice weekly flights to the Hidden Paradise.

This is possible with the successful test landing of Northern Air’s new 20-seater Bandeirante, at the Savusavu airport yesterday.

“With the arrival of the new aircraft, there will be more frequency, more hotel rooms will be filled, more competition and more support towards development especially the infrastructure,” Northern Air chief executive Captain Rainjesh San said

Services into Savusavu with the fast turboprop Bandeirante are expected to start next month.

Savusavu is also served by Fiji Link, using 19-seat Twin Otters and non-scheduled operator Island Hoppers (from Nadi) using single engine PAC P-750 aircraft.

He said: “Northern Air believes in localisation, providing better service and working together as a team. To the people of Savusavu we would like to say please use us, keep it rolling as we have planned to invest in bigger aircraft.”

Commissioner Northern Jovesa Vocea said he was happy to see Northern Air extend its services to the people of Savusavu.

“The people of Savusavu for a long time have been requesting for more flights and with the arrival of another flight, it would solve many problems,” Mr Vocea said.

“I don’t see this as a competition, as long as we have improved transportation service delivery that brings benefit to a larger community.”

Savusavu Tourism Association executive committee member, Delia Rothnie-Jones, said they very much welcomed the new flight.

“Our president, Justin Hunter, for so many years, has been working very hard to get improved air transportation access,” Ms Rothnie-Jones said.

Captain San also showed commitment in persuading Government to extend the Savusavu Airport runway.

“My team and I will work together with Savusavu Tourism Association and the Savusavu citizens in making and persuading the Government to extend 90 metres of runway.”

Captain San said the runway development would give the airline more flexibility to uplift and maximise the load during takeoff.

“We would like to thank the Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji, for whatever they have done in their capacity to allow us to come to prove ourselves as a proving flight for Northern Air,” he said.

The flight schedules, Captain San said, would be advertised later on.

The company started operation in 2007 and has nine aircraft and 50 employees.



© 2017 Sun (Fiji) News Limited.. All Rights reserved.

Savusavu's newest $1.5m station
Total Fiji
The Fiji Times Online
Thursday, March 09, 2017

Total Fiji officially opened its new service station in Savusavu built to the highest international and European standards.

Total Fiji managing director Martin McCarthy, VP retail Naveen Makheja, VP commercial Epironi Tulele, regional officials and media
representatives, chief guest Minister for Industry, Trade & Tourism Faiyaz Koya were also present.

The move was yet another landmark for Savusavu Town to have its first ever $1.5m service station and it opened more job opportunities for

Guests and stakeholders appreciated the uniqueness of the Total network's newest service station in Savusavu, with its large surface and the
variety services offered.

Like all Total service stations, Total Fiji respects the environment.

This commitment is shown by standard features such as double-walled fuel tanks and pipes for environmental protection, oil and water
separation facility in our drainage system, and the LED lighting that reduces energy consumption by 80 per cent.

Total Savusavu service station is sure to make a difference.

The opening brings to 28 the numbers of Total service stations in Fiji.

About Total in Fiji
Total (Fiji) Limited is engaged in retail service stations, commercial and bulk fuels, marine activities, and lubricants. Total (Fiji) Ltd owns six storage facilities in Fiji with the main terminals located at Walu Bay and Rodwell Rd in Suva and Vuda Point in Lautoka. For more information please visit
About Total
Total is a global integrated energy producer and provider, a leading international oil and gas company, and the world's second-ranked solar
energy operator with SunPower. Our 96,000 employees are committed to better energy that is safer, cleaner, more efficient, more innovative and
accessible to as many people as possible. As a responsible corporate citizen, we focus on ensuring that our operations in more than 130 countries worldwide consistently deliver economic, social and environmental benefits.

$100M five star resort at Nawi Island in Savusavu to create over 400 jobs
Nawi Island Resort

By Nirupa Siwan and Feroz Mohammed  Saturday 04/03/2017

A $100 million five star resort at Nawi Island in Savusavu will create more than four hundred job opportunities which is scheduled to be completed within the next two years.

Project Manager Paul McDonnell says this project will give opportunity to local people to increase their trade skills and enhance their knowledge.

McDonnell says the marina will be a world class facility where large yacht services will be provided to yacht owners and crew.

He adds the construction on marina is expected to be operational in another nine months.

He says more than four hundred yachts visit the shores of Savusavu every year.

The project manager stresses that some of the biggest challenges that they face in meeting their daily deadlines are road conditions, lack of power supply, water and weather.

The project will include 150 beds, 27 sweep yacht walls and a 6 kilometer sweeping way from Savusavu Town.

McDonnell stresses there will be similar tourist movement in the Northern Division as in other parts of Fiji.

Savusavu Airport Upgrade Awaits Final Outcome

Fiji Times Online, Filipe Naigulevu
Friday, March 03, 2017

UPGRADE plans to the Labasa and Savusavu airports will largely depend on the final outcome of an alternative airport in Vanua Levu.

Airports Fiji Ltd executive chairman Faiz Khan said this to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Social Affairs yesterday.

Mr Khan said they had given two alternatives to Government of a new airport in Vanua Levu.

"I am sure they will have wise consultations on that," he said.

Because of that, Mr Khan said improvements on the two existing airports were "sort of a bit on the backfoot".

He said the possibility of night landing would not just change by the installation of lights.

"There has to be a willingness by the airlines to fly at night into Labasa then we can make the decision," he said.

‘Yachties Rake In $38m A Year’
Nawi Island landing

March 02

The yachting industry rakes in $38 million a year in revenue, Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has been told.

And there are plans to make the Fijian yachting industry by far the largest in the region.

The further development of Savusavu as a destination for cruising yachts complements major marinas in Vuda, Musket Cove and Port Denarau.

Yacht Help Fiji’s managing director David Jamieson, who made the remarks yesterday, said that the completion of the Nawi Island Marina, close to Savusavu Town, would enhance these plans.

He said the marina itself would be able to rake in a decent amount of income.

Mr Bainimarama visited the island during his Northern Division tour. Mr Jamieson said: “What is interesting is that yachters spend most of that money in the hardware stores, supermarkets, hotels and the bars and 95 per cent of the money stays in Fiji.

“They are spending money in the outer islands too where there is no tourism.”

He added that the opening of more marinas would lead to an increase in the number of yachts coming into the country.

Mr Jamieson told Mr Bainimarama they planned to make Fiji the largest multi-million dollar yachting industry in the South Pacific.

“We are ahead of the game,” he added.

Nawi Island Limited managing director Mike Gann said they were looking forward to the next 90 days for the construction of their resort and shipyard.

Edited by Caroline Ratucadra


Dayaram's Mall Savusavu Fiji

Fiji Sun
7M Dayaram Mall to open in 14 months in Savusavu
by Josaia Ralogo, SAVUSAVU
August 16

The people of Savusavu will be able to access their first shopping mall within 14 months.

This was confirmed by the SJ Dayaram Shopping Complex Managing Director, Umesh Dayaram who said this shopping mall would boost activity in the tourist town.

“Works have already started and we have been told by our contractors that they expect to finish in 14 months,” Mr Dayaram said.

The contractor also mentioned that if the project gets delayed due to any reason, it would only take 18 months and not more than that.

“Worse come to worse than it would be done in 18 months, but they are working really hard to finish on time,” he said.

“We are so looking forward to this structure as it is expected to not only boost economic activity for us but for the town.”

He explained that the four story building would make shopping a whole lot easier for the people as the complex would enable them to purchase most of their goods under one roof.

“People would not have to travel to Labasa or Suva to have access to a shopping mall,” Mr Dayaram said.

“They would also be able to grab most of what they need under one roof without much hassle.”

He said the complex was also expected to provide jobs for 200 individuals.

“This complex will accommodate about 20 shops so this is also an opportunity for the unemployed to find work,” Mr Dayaram said.

Mr Dayaram,who manages the SJ Dayaram and Company Limited store that has been operating in Savusavu for more than five decades, said the people of Savusavu were a priority to him.

“Our convenient store had started off as a textiles shop and over the years, it has evolved into a supermarket that most people turn to.

“The people of Savusavu have been a pushing factor to our success for all those years that we have been servicing them and this complex is for them as well.”

The building is to sit in the heart of Savusavu town.



Animals Fiji Outreach - Savusavu Clinic UPDATE

Ni Sa Bula Animals Fiji Supporters, Animal Lovers and Customers in Savusavu,

The following brings you up to date with all the progress since our last e-blast.

Outlined below are the next set of updates:
· Schedule and contacts
· Change of guard– Outreach Veterinarian
· Hopes for a new air conditioning unit
· Searching for a spare mattress
· Vinakavaka Levu!
· Assisting ​Animals Fiji ​Outreac​h

Schedule and contacts:
Our schedule spans from Monday to Saturday every month as follows:
1st week of the month – Savusavu
2nd week – Labasa
3rd week – Taveuni

Due to the movement of our team and other resources, this is an appointment only clinic unless it is a life or death emergency.

To make an appointment, enquire of exact dates/venue or obtain advise over the phone while the team is attending clinic at another location, kindly call 998-6253, the Animals Fiji Outreach Line.

This month, we are in Savusavu from 6th to 11th February
Labasa from the 13th to the 18th February and
Taveuni from the 20th to the 25th.

Savusavu Clinic Physical Address

Savusavu Marina across from the Savusavu Police Post on the main road

Change of guard – Outreach Veterinarian
After 6 months as an Animals Fiji Nadi Clinic & Animals Fiji Outreach Veterinarian, Dr. Alex Buonpane will be returning home at the end of March 2017 and Dr. Rita Assuncao will be taking over her responsibilities up North and in Taveuni.

Dr. Rita is a newly graduated veterinarian from Portugal and will be the Outreach Veterinarian until the beginning of July.

Hopes for a new air- conditioning unit
We are now well into the cyclone season and with the hot and humid weather comes an unwelcomed build up of heat within our little clinic at the Savusavu Marina that has caused our team discomfort.

We are currently searching for a new air conditioning unit and we're hoping you all will be happy to donate a little bit so that we would be able to continue serving you and your animals, cool and collected instead of hot and bothered!

If anyone has any questions on how you're able to contribute, please call Brenda on 9986253.

Searching for a spare mattress
Since the arrival of our new Outreach veterinarian, Rita, and our Outreach assistant, Luisa, we have been finding temporary sleeping solutions to cater for both of them. If anyone has a spare mattress they aren't using and would like to donate please contact Brenda again on 9986253. Thank you in advance for your help and support!

Vinaka- vaka- levu!
We are extremely grateful to each and every one of you all who has helped make our Animals Fiji Outreach clinics what it is today through using our services, donating and supporting us every step of the way. THANK YOU!

Assisting Animals Fiji Outreach
If you would like to assist our cause through donations in kind, we would be sincerely grateful for the following as we are always in need of them:
· Old towels or sheets
· Newspapers or Paper Towels
· Bleach
· Washing powder
· Laundry baskets with lids
· Cleaning products
· Paper towels
· Garbage bags

As a registered Fiji charity operating the only ongoing animal welfare/ veterinary services in the Northern Division, Animals Fiji (operated by West Charity Trust Society - Charity Reg # 889) services are either at–cost price or heavily subsidized. For example, a desex cost Animals Fiji on average between $150- $200, and we subsidize this to a fee of $25 for those who cannot afford the cost of surgery. We are able to do this only because of private donations—both monetary or in-kind.

Animals Fiji Northern Outreach travels to 3 different locations every month and have a team of people dedicated to the care of animals. These costs are not charged to our clients in an effort to be accessible to more people and their animals.

If you would like to help us keep our services sustainable please donate and kindly contact us should you have ideas in helping us raise funds to continue to keep our services in the Northern Division and Taveuni.

We look forward to your continued support and thank you in advance!

Vinaka and kind regards

Brenda Fenton
Outreach Manager
Mob: 9986 253

Placeholder Picture

Nadi Clinic - Ph: (+679) 670-1012 | Mob: (+679) 9936-647 / 9982-026
Northern Outreach Clinics (Savusavu, Labasa, Taveuni) - Mob: (+679) 998-6253
Lautoka Outreach Clinic - Mob: (+679) 998-2026
Postal Address - PO Box 11035, Nadi Airport, Fiji

Web -
Facebook -

New TOTAL Service Station in Savusavu

From the Fiji Times ONLINE: 25 February 2017

ABOUT $1.5 million worth new TOTAL (Fiji) Limited service station opened at Yaroi, Savusavu, yesterday is expected to boost tourism and the economy in Savusavu.

Speaking during the opening of the new station, TOTAL Fiji managing director Martin McCarthy said their 28th fuel station opened in Savusavu would provide employment for close to 20 people with the station expected to have a ripple effect on tourism in the town .

Mr McCarthy said their company was intent in introducing cleaner fuels to members of the public.

"At the moment Fiji currently uses standard 2 and 3 Euro fuels, but with the gazetting of the standard 5 Euro fuels we are keen on distributing cleaner fuels to the people of this nation, he said.

"We are happy with these developments and we will extend our stations to cater for these cleaner fuels once they reach our shores.

"The new fuel contains 10 parts per million of sulphur compared with the current standard which contains 500 parts per million of sulphur and nitrogen dioxide. "

Mr McCarthy said as part of their corporate responsibility they had a lot of projects around the country.

"We are currently organising road safety awareness programs in schools around the country with our objective to introduce road safety to Fijians at a younger age, he said.

"The company is also involved in the distribution of TOTAL rubbish bins around the country and we will be doing this in Savusavu too.

"The effort complements tourism in Savusavu Town and will foster a cleaner environment for our tourist and visitors."

Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism Faiyaz Koya officiated at the opening of the service station and then toured the complex.

Another 5 North Stops for the Prime Minister

From the Fiji Times ONLINE: 27 February 2017

THE Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama continues with his Northern Division tour tomorrow and is set to visit five more locations.

Members of the public from Savusavu who have had their application for Small and Micro-Enterprise grant approved will be receiving their cheques from the PM tomorrow at the Foreshore carpark in Savusavu.

The PM is also schedule to open the new iTaukei Lands and Trust Board office in Savusavu.

He will also be opening the Navakaka village evacuation centre in Cakaudrove, and will be handing over a boat and engine to villagers of Naweni in Savusavu.

His last official assignment will be visiting Nawi Island for its orientation.